Bad Healthy Habits and Their Bad Effects to Your Body


“It is time to Quit Them”

How often do you get into trouble due to your bad health habits? Too often we take our bad health habits for granted not realizing that they are the same reasons why we get into trouble. For instance, you are set to do a job interview at 8 am but missed it because you woke up late, or you’re expected to join a brainstorming session at work but failed to participate miserably because of a bad hangover. How about being always absent at work because you are always sick. Do these incidents seem familiar to you?
Bad health habits not only affect our quality of work, they affect our relationships too. And just like anything bad, we can get away from bad health habits if we really want to; it just takes patience and determination.
Here is a short list of bad health habits we are often guilty of and their effect on our bodies:



“Smoke more and lose your life span”

Didn’t the doctor say that one stick of cigarette is seven days less of your lifetime? That wouldn’t be true if not for the incidents of countless early deaths due to smoking. Keeping a smoking habit is your sure-fire way of destroying your lungs at an early age.

Lack of Sleep


“Insomnia – It’s time to seek help”

Nothing can replace a healthy dose of good night’s rest – nothing! Sleep is our natural way of recharging the body. Energy vitamins are just supplements to extend your waking time and temporarily keep you up and running, but don’t expect to stay mentally alert like you would when you had a good sleep. Likewise, lack of sleep ages your body fast and it shows in the way your skin wrinkles and dry up.

Loading up on sugar

Have you noticed the rampant cases of death due to early onset of cancer? We see a lot of people consuming too much sugar in their daily diet – iced tea, soda, slush, cakes, dessert coffees – these contain high doses of sugar. Sugar, when processed in our bodies turns our internal environment to acidic. And cancer cells feed on sugar and breeds freely in an acidic environment. Go figure.

Thriving on stress

Some people simply take pleasure in working too hard but fails big time when it comes to managing stress from their work. Not only do they become lethargic and easily fatigued, they become emotionally sensitive too and irritable to the people around them. Too much stress is dangerously up to a certain point because it leaves our immune system weak, making us willing victims of a lot fatal diseases. Some psychological diseases are a result of stress too like depression and anxiety or panic attacks.


A lot of people are easily mistaken when they think that being a little overweight can’t be accounted to obesity. If you are at least 20% heavier than your ideal weight then you are already in the boundary of “light obesity”. Being overweight limits you to enjoy fun physical activities; it also limits your productivity at work because it decreases your energy level.

Things You Should Know About Trading Metals

Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum have proven to its stability from centuries back and even as the worldwide economy is faced with uncertainty. Experienced investors have held on to them as a choice of solid investment.


“Trade your precious metals”

In today’s economic atmosphere, an investor who exercises prudence considers the conversion of his assets or a part of it into precious metals. As an effective diversity in investment, it must be noted that risk element has ensued just like in any other kinds of investment, however lower risk. The ideal time, proper balance, and techniques called for may be determined by the following guidelines:
There are five main ways in the investment of precious metals that you should be familiar with:
a. Coins and bars
b. Certificates
c. Mutual funds
d. Mining stock
e. Gold and metals futures
If you are concerned primarily with safety and diversity, invest in coins or bars.
Classify tangible precious metals as to pure gold or numismatics, meaning to mint coins that are usually commemorative of a special occasion.
Check out the dealership of the precious metals before any transaction is carried out, including its clients and business standing in the industry.


“Coins are the easiest way to go for trading purpose”

There is no fixed mark-up on coins and bars but they are generally easy to purchase, store, and resell.
The price and the absolute value of numismatics are affected by the condition and design of the coin. Make sure you have enough education on this aspect.
Certificates are recommended for those who want to get rid of storage. A certificate is a representation of ownership of the precious metal in the quantity so specified.
Buying stocks into one company may be considered as an additional choice but are less stable than precious metal funds, the latter being more stable due to diversity and its management.
If you have the confidence to predict the value of precious metals at a certain future time, then gold and metal futures may work favorably for you. This works by contracting to purchase or sell precious metals at a designated future time. Your bet relies on the changes in the price of precious metals during the term of the contract.

Investors around the globe consider investments in gold, silver, and other precious metals as they have always been, and most likely will always be the kind which protects the assets even as economic crisis arises. In fact, the same amount of gold can still purchase the same amount of crude oil as it did several decades ago. Due to its stability, precious metal investment is sometimes referred to as wealth insurance, that is, saving something that is tangible, limited in supply, natural, and indestructible.

How to Ask for Promotion and Actually Get It

No one wants to get stuck in their job and do the same work – with the same payment for years without improvement. Everyone wants to have their career improved or have a change for their future career and possibility to increase. However, a promotion isn’t something that often happens on a daily basis. Sometimes, even when people have been waiting for the promotion for quite a long time, they fail to get the promotion because of the unknown factors and elements.

The Tricky Situation


“How to ask for it?”

It is possible for people to ask for a promotion. The big problem is whether their employers will give the promotion to them or not. When people want to get promoted, they can’t expect such offer to fall from the sky just like that; they have to earn it. When they approach their employer without showing any significant improvement or achievement, don’t be too surprised if their plea is rejected. It doesn’t mean that they need to be a super employee to get promoted; they only need to show their employers that they have the qualifications and abilities, so they can be beneficial for both themselves and the company. The employers surely want to have qualified people working for them for the sake of company’s improvement, so be smart when asking for promotion so they can get what they want.

The Things to Do


“Things to keep in mind”

When asking for a promotion, be sure to do some researches first. Don’t just go marching to the boss’ office with nothing. It would be great if these people can do some researches concerning their qualifications and the departments within the company that need their skills. It would be better if they have spent some times getting additional work related to the field they want and finish the work in a satisfying manner. When they meet up their boss, they can show the results and the work they have done. It will give some things to ponder about, rather than meeting up the boss and asking for a promotion without showing any achievement.
Another thing that they can try is to talk to the boss and ask them about the requirements needed for promotion. Ask the employers what they need to do to get promoted and the goal they must fulfill in order to get the promotion. Just be straightforward and say that they are interested in getting a promotion. But keep out personal reasons from the discussion. Reasons like “I need more money for my medical condition” or “I need to pay for my daughter’s school fee” shouldn’t be included in the conversation. The employers don’t care and don’t want to know about their employees’ personal lives. What’s important for them is the work performance and professional reasons. Once people start including personal reasons in the professional context, their employers may have doubts about their commitments and their abilities.
It will be better if people can show the records of their work, especially if they have done it well and they have performed beyond the standard quality. It is not showing off; it is simply keeping records of what they have done, so they have proof about it. If they are getting a “no” for an answer, don’t be emotional. Take it elegantly and don’t do crazy things. If the company doesn’t want to consider the possibility of promotion, maybe the employees will have better chances elsewhere; in places that value and respect their qualifications. Don’t stay in a place that doesn’t value their abilities.